16oz Freshwater Trout Series Tallboy Can Glasses (Set of 4)

Item #: GP10345.TRTA




Sold in 4pc set!

Serve a wide variety of drinks in these nostalgic talloy can cooler glasses! Designed to mimic the shape of a classic soda can, this glass makes a fun and memorable addition to your glassware collection.

This glass's crystal-clear construction provides an unobstructed view to the contents inside! Use this glass to serve beer, soda, or classic mixed drinks like rum & root beer, whiskey & cola, or Long Island iced tea. No matter what you choose to serve, these can cooler tall boy glasses make a great addition to your personal home or retreat pub glass collection.

The freswater trout series artwork (Brown, Brook, Cutthroat and Rainbow) are from an original paintings by Geoff Hager. 

Decorated by hand in the U.S.A.  Product is Dishwasher Safe.


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